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  • G-Star Halo Recolite Hooded

    Harga Rp 125.000,-
    Diskon : 48 %

    Rp 65.000,-
    Berat Barang 56 gr
    Nomor Produk 49
    Warna Bahan Ukuran Kondisi Stok
    Coklat Denim L 995

    Deskripsi G-Star Halo Recolite Hooded

    "Just the product" has always been G-Star’s philosophy and market approach. The development of innovative products like RAW Denim, which has had a major influence on the jeans market, was a natural consequence. Since the premiere of RAW Denim in 1996, G-Star has broadened its concept to include a newer, edgier image appealing to all styles, trends and ages, while keeping the product in the purest form. Authentic details and functional attributes give the collection a strong sense of identity.

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