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  • Nike Kids Pro Combat

    Harga Rp 125.000,-
    Diskon : 24 %

    Rp 95.000,-
    Berat Barang 23 gr
    Nomor Produk 74
    Warna Bahan Ukuran Kondisi Stok
    Coklat Jersey M 100

    Deskripsi Nike Kids Pro Combat

    1. Cold weather doesn't mean training is cancelled. Suit up in this protective Nike® top and get to it!
    2. Compression Fit keeps everything tight to the body for maximum support during high-performance activity.
    3. Dri-FIT™ UV high-performance polyester fabric wicks perspiration away from your body to keep you dry while providing protection from the sun during outdoor activity with a minimum UPF 30 rating.
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